Sundered Solar

Reign of Winter HQ Update- Part 3

The following takes place during Rey’s Campaign:

Late one evening Trenton again found himself devouring all the books and scripture that Vargas had told him to research. Strange and disparate concepts swam circuits in his brain like a thousand tiny fish. Theories about dimensional rifts caused by certain deities as well as Elemental Bending techniques that ancient monks used to wage war against evil spirits. He was unsure why the spirit had assigned him these inane tasks. He should be researching the Tanarri and any strengths or weaknesses it’s leaders had. It had been months since the rest of the group left in Babayaga’s Hut, what was taking so long? He began to worry, his liberators had killed an army of giants in half this time, surely slaying a few spoiled witch-spawn couldn’t take this long.

What Trenton saw next made him question every ounce of his sanity. Quietly opening the door of his study was Gray Vantas. Bundled in leather winter gear, his musket slung over his back, covered head to toe in snow… despite it being the middle of summer.

Gray stared blankly at Trenton as if nothing was out of the ordinary, his spectacles beginning to fog slightly. He spoke plainly as if ordering food from a grocery. “Ninnec and Tarathiel have been killed. I need some diamond dust to restore them.”

Trenton gazed back, dumbfounded for many long moments. “You’re supposed to be on another planet!” Trenton inhaled, preparing to launch a litany of flustered questions at the mage. “Slaying Babayaga’s enemies and…” Gray cut him short, “You’re correct. I teleported here, we need some supplies.”

Gray set about making a pot of tea by swirling his hands about, which began to complete simple cantrips for starting a fire and suspending a kettle over it. Trenton, frustrated from hours of study spat accusingly at Gray. “You’ve been gone for months…without any word or contact, and now you just POP in to tell me Ninnec and Tarathiel are dead!? If you can teleport between planets why didn’t you update us sooner!?”

The mage, never taking his eyes of the boiling water, looked simultaneously amused and perplexed. “Gone for months? We were only in the Hut for a day or so.” Gray shrugged casually, “I guess time passes differently in the Hut.” Trenton had just about all he could stand of the mage’s casual demeanor. His anger got the better of him as slammed both fists on his desk and roared loudly.

This caused Uma to come down stairs and investigate the commotion. She glared at the elf with a scowl that could turn a charging rhino. Then she cocked her head at Gray with a quizzical look. Gray turned from warming himself by the fire and said, “Ninnec and Tarathiel got killed, we need diamond dust.” Uma’s scowl turned to turned to a look of genuine exhaustion. “For the sweet love of the gods Trent, go into town, wake the Magister, and buy some damn diamond dust!”

Later that month, Samson returned to the guildhouse and found that the rest of party was still gone from when they departed in the Hut. He didnt expect that, but he wasn’t quite surprised either. When he returned he noticed a drastic change in Edwina. She seemed to grow almost a whole foot taller in one month. She looked Aasimar to be sure, but he had never heard of an Aasimar growing that fast. Her mind was wise and keen beyond her years also. She bombarded Samson with questions about things a child her age wouldn’t care about. This day she wanted to know more about the party that Samson adventured with, it slipped his mind that they had been gone for most of the time since her rescue. As best as he could, Samson began to tell her tales of the group he traveled with.

Tales about how he fought toe to toe with a whole band of giants. Tales about how Grey’s arcane brilliance and Ninnec’s ingenuity allowed the party to complete impossible tasks. He told her of Taurog’s loyalty and determination never to abandon his friends, even to the jaws of death. He told her what he knew of the brave warrior Tarathriel who helped them suppress the Orb of beyond. Eventually the tales reached what Samson had been avoiding for these past few weeks: Edwina’s origin and the group’s stint in the Planar Prison. He was unsure if she even remembered what she had done. The brutality of the prison, the lives she had snuffed out without remorse. She did not seem to remember any of these, and he was not inclined to enlighten her.


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